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Whispered Dreams Youth Hope Ranch is the evolution of a dream I’ve had since childhood, a dream God has placed in my heart to create a place where troubled youth can find answers, directions, purpose and dreams realized.  Whispered Dreams Youth Hope Ranch has an open door invitation to any youth looking for hope and a place to turn their lives around who are willing to put in the effort and hard work involved in the process.


Whispered Dreams refers to the hopes and dreams we have as children and youth that get crushed and buried beneath the onslaught of life’s circumstances.  The hopes and dreams that we give up on because nobody believes in them or us.  The foundational dream and hope we all have of being somebody, understanding our purpose for being, mattering, and being worth someone’s love.


At Whispered Dreams Youth Hope Ranch it is our hope to be able to introduce Jesus to these youth as the healer of destroyed lives and the fulfiller of dreams.  Using the dynamics of ranch life and working with horses (EAC – Equine Assisted Counselling), as well as the dynamics of the wilderness surrounding the ranch, we use the countless daily situations to promote character, teach life skills, create a healthy practice of self-examination and interpersonal skills, and build self esteem.  Using these same dynamics, the Holy Spirit’s leading, and biblical principles, we hope to “tear down, root up” those things that are destroying lives and “plant, build up and nurture” those things that will lead the youth down the path of a better life.


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