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In 1665 King Louis XIV of France sent two stallions and twenty mares, of which eight mares died enroute, from his royal stables to his colonys in New France. In subsequent shipments he sent a total of twenty-six more horses. True to his nature of doing things in a grand way the King instructed his minister to send only the best horses of the kingdom.

Historical evidence leads us to believe that these horses were of Andalusian, Barb, old Norman war-horse and perhaps old type Percheron and Breton stock. While at first they were meant for the sole use of the Kings nobility in New France the horses flourished and populated New France and soon became available to the habitants as survival in the New World demanded a combined effort on all fronts.

The cold climate and deep winter snow ensured only the fittest would survive. Over the years the mingling of the original horses and natures culling developed a “type” that we now officially and affectionately call our own, the Canadian. Although the horse has been recognized as a distinct breed in Quebec for a couple century’s and stud books were kept as early as the late 1800’s, it wasn’t until April 29th 2002 that they officially became known as the “National Horse of Canada”. One of Quebec’s best kept and cherished treasures is now shared by the rest of Canada and the few abroad lucky enough to have a Canadian as their own.

The Canadian, although existing in apparent obscurity for a couple hundred years, has the unique credentials of being the foundation stock for, or used in the improvement of, most north american breeds including the Morgan, Tennessee Walker, Missouri Foxtrotter, American Saddlebred and Standardbred.

The Canadian, dubbed “The Little Horse of Iron” is famous as an all purpose horse that is tough as nails. Extremely hardy and strong with hooves of steel, he is known for his endurance and affectionate and willing character. Primarily black, with a profuse and wavy mane and tail, and shaggy fetlocks, he draws attention wherever he goes.

To read more about the Canadian I highly recommend checking out Cherry Creek Canadian’s website at http://www.cherrycreekcanadians.ca/canadianhorse.htm where you will find a wealth of information on the Canadian.

Here at Whispered Dreams Ranch we are proud to own and breed the Canadian horse. At present we have four beautiful Canadian’s and a gelding that is half Canadian and half Appaloosa. They have stolen our hearts and proven to be very loveable, dependable, surefooted mounts on our trail rides.


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